Breakdown Blues – Day 49 – Some as big as your head

Day 49 Saturday 23/7/2022 Mulambin, sunny 14 – 24

Woody does the washing and then dashes into Yeppoon Farmer’s Market. He returns with Byfield mandarins and a humongous avocado that has to be around 20cm in length. He is told to let it ripen for a week and then it will be the best he’s ever tasted.

It’s such a beautiful morning, we both go for walks and I finally walk around the point to Causeway Lake. Something I’ve been wanting to do since we first started coming here. After all that walking it’s easy to nod off in the afternoon sun.

Causeway Lake emptying at low tide

We meet in the smaller camp kitchen and El Prado and B1 cook burgers. They’re messy and drippy and thoroughly delicious. B2 supplies the fruit salad with cream that she whipped by hand! I wish she’d told me I’m sure I have a whizzer under the bed. Amid the noisy hilarity, we meet a Dutch couple who are on holiday and a South African couple who are buying a house here.

One with the lot, all gooey and drippy with beetroot too

Footnote: That avo was the best we’ve ever tasted and it didn’t go brown. We just scooped it from the shell like a coconut.


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