Breakdown Blues – Day 72 – Swamped

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld

The ocean is perfectly flat and powder blue. It’s haircut day and a pleasant drive the few kilometres to Emu Park. My hairdresser is a bit of a character, born and bred in Yeppoon.
Afterward, I park the car by the wetlands and photograph the paperbark swamp. There are reflections in the water, gums, and paperbarks, bamboo, palms, and a little coot duck dives while a heron stalks.

Paperbark Swamp at Emu Park
Paperbark Swamp

The caravan park waterslide was removed today. New regulations mean that a full-time lifeguard would have had to be in attendance on a slide so high.

The slide was so popular with the kids

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