Breakdown Blues – Days 69 – 71 – Reminiscing

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld

El Prado has booked us a table on the lawn at Waterline at the Rosslyn Bay Marina. A butcher bird is cheekily looking for scraps and bright blue butterflies flit amongst the greenery. We watch a ferry unload a class of Year 9 teenagers who’ve been out at the Eco Education Centre on North Keppel Island for a week. The kids up here have some incredible opportunities.

Rosslyn Bay Marina

Woody checks out the farmers market before having a walk along the beach, where he sees a man rescuing a stranded stingray.
In the afternoon we walk Kemp Beach with the intention of having a drink at Beaches bar. However, there’s a wedding in progress so we wander across to the Capricorn Coast Yacht Club and discover a pleasant shady verandah overlooking the Marina.

Butcher Bird on Kemp Beach
This eagle has found lunch
Capricorn Coast Yacht Club

Clouds build and by happy hour rain is falling. When Kev N Bev send a pic of the pizza they’ve just cooked in their new air fryer El Prado is off like a shot to taste it.

C who lives up Byfield way pops in with an old workmate in tow. R having found C on FaceBook was originally from Zimbabwe and worked with us in the 1980’s. She and hubby are now living in Perth and doing the ‘big lap’ in the caravan. Gosh, it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to remember the people we worked with 40 years ago but so good to see her again.


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