Breakdown Blues – Day 92 – Gin Gin to Kin Kin no, Cooroy

Day 92 Sunday 4/9/2022 Gin Gin to Cooroy, some cloud 21

We had a quiet night and there was no traffic noise. We had been spoilt during our weeks at Mulambin as it was so peaceful.

It’s a gorgeous morning and after the stresses of yesterday, we slept well.

There are masses of roadworks south of Gin Gin. We see forests interspersed with crops, nuts and sugar, rich, red soil and this section of road is new to us. We pick up the old section again at Apple Tree Creek where we stop to fill up. The Bruce Highway is busy and the small hills around Gympie cause the car to rev a little harder. It seems that she doesn’t like undulating country and there’s plenty of it around here.

As we pull sharply into the servo we hit a large and unavoidable pothole causing one of the torsion bars to drop off (torsion bars stop the van from swaying) thankfully another motorist notices and tells us. The combination of sharp turns and big bumps will cause this to happen.

We had hoped to make the Kin Kin Showgrounds today but looking at the terrain we figure we may as well play it safe and continue down the highway to Cooroy RV Stop. The camp has been improved with well-mown lawns and trees between drive-thru sites. Sadly, they still haven’t unlocked the toilet block.

We take a short walk into town. Being a tourist spot it is busy with Father’s Day families. We buy a coffee and stumble upon a great little mobile wood fire pizza place on the Main Street which makes for an easy lunch.

A bit more strolling, we have a drink on the lawn and watch black clouds scudding across the sky. We chat with the lady from the van next to us who surprisingly lives not far from us. She is exercising her dog by tossing the ball with one of those plastic dog throw things. Lost in conversation she has a habit of absentmindedly chewing the ball thrower as she talks. My God, it’s hard to keep that pizza down and nod politely.

Dinner is that QLD staple that we’ve grown to love crumbed steak and vegetables.

Accom: $12.00 level grassy sites, dump point, no other facilities but close to a charming town with good coffee.

Fuel: $70.00 (201.9c/l)

Towing Kms: 243kms


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