Breakdown Blues – Day 91 – Gin Gin and no TV

Day 91 Saturday Mulambin to Gin Gin, overcast 21

We’re away by 7:30. It was a hot wet night making it hard to sleep. It’s not easy trying to remember what chores have to be done but we manage, I guess we’re rusty.

The ocean is grey this morning and the islands, like us a somber blue.

El Prado would be proud though, we picked up another two pineapples on our way past the Tanby farm stall. There’s patchy rain and a threatening sky. We do a quick veggie shop at Doblo’s fruit barn and the Aldi in Rocky before heading south down The Bruce.

The car is making its revving noise again. The Bruce Highway has a lot of potholes and corrugating from the floods. After clipping a squashed solar panel on the road we hear a knocking sound. Pulling over at Calliope rest area we find that thankfully, it is only a stool in the back of the car. The rain has passed. I notice the car struggling and not accelerating on hills and at Beneraby a red light comes on. We pull up again to check the manual. It’s the Malfunction Indicator Light and the manual says that it’s drivable if the light isn’t flashing. With bated breath, we push on.

The Gin Gin Showgrounds are quite large and there are about 30 vans in already. The caretaker is a bit of a character and helps us with TV reception. Our 3 neighbours also have problems with the signal, and eventually, we all give up.

Town is only a block away and well laid out. We’re told that during the Covid lockdown the Main Street was upgraded providing centre parking for caravans, toilets, and gardens. They’ve done a great job and it does look encouraging for passing tourists to stop for a break. The Showgrounds are busy as there’s a trivia night on in the hall. We give it a miss and settle in to watch a DVD and polish off the leftover pork roast.

The shower hatch has cracked quite a bit more so we tape it up with more gaffer tape.

We made it to Gin Gin.

Accom:$38.00 power, water, toilets, showers, dump point

Towing Kms: 318kms

Gin Gin Showgrounds
Gin Gin, Qld. Map Source: WikiCamps

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