Breakdown Blues – Day 94 – Ducking out

Day 94 Tuesday 6/9/2022 Toorbul, cloudy 13 – 20

A walk along the shoreline and I’m not surprised to see many homes being renovated and new ones being built.

It’s a half-hour drive down to Burpengary (Do I hear sniggering from English readers from villages with names like Soggy Bottom?) to D’s place. She has a lovely house and is now walking after surgery. She fell from the back of her caravan and tore the ligaments in her knee. D is Double or Nuthin and Shirley Temple’s daughter and they’ve been staying here for the winter helping with her recuperation. We pop down to Woodpecker’s Tavern for lunch and a catch-up

Back at camp, the resident who feeds the whistling ducks is having a drink in the camp kitchen with the other residents. A flock of hungry ducks stand, staring at them impatiently.

Hey! What about us?



10 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Day 94 – Ducking out

    1. I’ll bet that’s a beauty. Some homesick explorer, without researching I think it was Matthew Flinders, named a hill near us Arthur’s Seat. Our family legend is that my grandfather was the first to drive up Arthur’s Seat in a sedan car. All I can say is that must have been a sh…. drive.

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