Breakdown Blues – Day 95 – An Art Deco Surprise

Day 95 Wednesday 7/9/2022 Toorbul to Murwillumbah, warm showery 22

One hundred and sixty four kilometres of speeding motorway and being sandwiched between trucks. We take it steady and hope like hell that the car makes it up the steep Gateway Bridge and over the Brisbane River. I’m beginning to think that this year’s trip should have been titled ‘Living on a Prayer’. Aside from that, the city of Brisbane looks inviting in the distance, it always does and is a favourite. The Jeep doesn’t miss a beat and not once does it over rev or fade or even groan.

The Gateway Bridge always looks scarier than it is.

Although we have a good run it’s a joy to swing onto the Tweed Valley Way after we cross the border into New South Wales. We remark on how it looks more tropical than Queensland. The wide Tweed River, sugar cane, Mt Warning and the blue arc of the volcanic Scenic Rim.

Murwillumbah is a town that we haven’t visited. It is interesting and unique. The Murwillumbah Showgrounds are quite a find. There are acres of grass and many cream painted buildings with red roofs and of course the blue ranges in the distance. Gayle the caretaker is welcoming.

Murwillumbah Showgrounds

Once set up, we climb the short block into town (it sure is volcanic) and learn that there was a large fire in 1907 that destroyed 59 buildings in the business centre of town. Hence, many buildings are Art Deco in style. This area is popular with folks of an alternate persuasion too. Tree changers from the busy Gold Coast City and southerners, as well as the farming community. Hilly, sub-tropical, Art Deco and multi-cultural, this town is bursting with colour and vibe. We love it.

Accom:$25.00 (Power, water, toilets, showers, dump point, close to town and an easy drive to the southern suburbs of the Gold Coast)

Kms: 184kms

Toorbul to Murwillumbah (Map Source: WikiCamps)

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