Breakdown Blues – Day 97 – Is she sick again?

Day 97 Friday 9/9/2022 Murwillumbah to Nambucca Heads, wet sunny 22

We’re up early and get away by 6:30am. The light rain becomes heavy when we join the Pacific Motorway and stays with us for hours. It clears by Yamba giving us a good run down to Coffs Harbour. This is such a good road nowadays. ABCO vans are just off the highway. We tell the guy that our hatch is broken and that we’ve taped it up with gaffer. He jumps onboard, sticks his head in the shower, and shouts “It’s fixed!” Cheeky bugger. Half an hour later we’re on the road again with a new hatch.

That annoying revving sound starts again just south of Coffs.

VeeWee has been at Nambucca Heads for a week and the weather has been wet. We set up camp and catch up on all the news. VeeWee tells us that she’s really had enough of hearing about the Queen. I innocently ask if she’s been ill again and VeeWee tells us that, much to our surprise, she died early this morning! In our haste to get away and listening to every squeak of the car we hadn’t turned on the TV or radio and had ignored the News breaks dinging on our phones. Nor had we noticed that the van opposite us is flying the Union Jack at half mast. Woody walks up the hill to town to buy a few groceries, VeeWee and I walk to Wellington Beach where tonnes of timber has been washed up on the shore by the heavy weather. It ranges from matchstick sized to huge trees.

Neighbour Cheryl, joins us for happy hour. We’re cheered by a double rainbow followed by a red sunset reflected on the clouds.

Wellington Beach, Nambucca Heads with driftwood aplenty

Accom: $32.00

Towing Kms: 317kms

Sunset reflection and moonrise over Nambucca Heads
Nambucca Heads, NSW (Map Source: WikiCamps)

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