Exploring Portland – Day 13 Christmas in the sun

Day 13 Christmas Day Sunday 25/12/2022 Portland, warm sunny 21

We’re up early, sorry, Woody is always up early. I’m up early to catch the misty sunrise over the harbour. Then, it’s a morning of phone calls and preparing lunch. Corellas chatter in the trees. We had bought some lovely scallops at the fish co-op which inspired us to cook an old (very old) favourite Coquille St. Jacques a la Crème for the entrée. Yeah, I know, we’re in a caravan, we must be mad, but it is easy and perfect.  Except that Pete next door wanders past on his way to the showers in his dressing gown shouting Christmas greetings. Woody says “we’re eating these delicious scallops while he’s washing his balls!” Meanwhile, there’s a turkey breast and potatoes roasting in the oven and I make up a Carbonara Risoni Salad (that recipe that I first cooked up in Yeppoon last winter that was easy peasy and moreish).

We fall into bed for an afternoon snooze before putting the Xmas lights away and starting the pack-up routine.

I take a walk along the beach and watch the traditional religious ceremony of the day…beach cricket!

Of course, dinner is leftovers.

Having a small and widespread family Christmas in the caravan in an interesting town has become a tradition (except during Covid lockdowns). I’ve always wanted to have a Christmas at the beach, and this one was just perfect.

Accom: $37.00

Fuel: $27.07

Corkscrew Observatory at sunrise
Christmas morning sunrise over Portland harbour

7 thoughts on “Exploring Portland – Day 13 Christmas in the sun

  1. As you were departing the area, daughter’s family was arriving. They always spend three weeks from Xmas on, camped at the very pleasant Narrawong caravan park. Great place for kids and adults alike (though I prefer it after school has gone back!)


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