Nicking Off to Nicholson – Day 1 – Steak & Pot Nite

Day 1 Thursday 9/2/2023 Home to Yinnar, sunny 28˚

It’s a warm clear summer morning and the weather is on the improve. We pick up the Princes Highway via Cranbourne and Berwick, never again! The new development and roadworks on this ‘growth corridor’ as they call it, make for slow going. Those cow paddocks have long gone, replaced by rows and rows of similar homes with very few trees.

We’re the first to arrive at the Yinnar RV Stop and with plenty of room to leave the car hooked on, there’s only a minimal setup to be done, just turn on the gas and light the fridge, drop the legs, and put out the step. We walk across the road and buy kabana and sausages from the local butcher. We know their meat is good because we were here last February on our way back from Marlo.

Toothless and his Missus arrive and VeeWee, who has a much longer drive arrives later in the afternoon. We doze in the sun, read, and walk in the park. I grab a spot in the park to sketch the Matchbox Gallery, a delightful little gallery that we visited last time that we were here. As luck would have it, I just finish the pencil sketch when the gardeners arrive parking their truck in front, blocking the view. Never mind it’s a chance for a chat and I learn that they’re with the local council and are spreading mulch around the newly built playground. They have 140 parks to maintain and work in tandem with the woodchip truck. He drops the mulch and they arrive to spread it. I get the feeling that there’s quite a bit of spirited competition going between them and the woodchip guy.

Behind the park is the community garden plot and a shady seat under a spreading grapevine. We sit under our awning, once more chasing the shade at happy hour before strolling across to the community-run pub.

Yinnar Community Garden

Tonight is Steak & a Pot night at the Yinnar Pub which, according to the sign on the window is home to the Strzelecki Stringbusters and the meals are large and tasty. The last time we visited here it was Parma night and we had by far the best Parmies ever. If I recall Shirley Temple had a lamb one called ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’.

When it comes to parma’s, this pub seems to have made them into an art form.
The Yinnar Pub and the main street, no traffic but the pub is pulling them in.

As the sun glows over the paddocks, we sit outside chatting and playing ball with little Nic the poodle. It’s still 24˚. When the crickets start up their evening song and Woody winces in ear pain, we retreat to the quiet of the van and an early night.

Listening to the night noises it’s so good to be away in the van again. Out in the bush, it’s a simple life.

Accom: $5.00

Fuel: $108.46

Towing Kms: 149Kms

Parma – For those not familiar with the Aussie culinary delight known as Parma / Parmie / Schnitty depending on what state you are in, it’s usually a flattened chicken breast, crumbed, fried, and topped with a tomato sauce, melted cheese, and the pub specialties. It is usually served with a small salad and a lot of chips / French fries. A decent Parmie pretty well has you covered for all dietary food groups and calories required for the next 24 hours!

Pot or Middy – A Pot is a 285ml glass of beer in the state of Victoria. Names and sizes of beer glasses vary from state to state and is a topic that is almost encyclopedic.

A peaceful night in Yinnar, Vic – sleeping off the dinner.
Off to Yinnar. Map Source: WikiCamps

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