Nicking Off to Nicholson – Day 2 – A Heyfield Haircut

Day 2 Friday 10/2/2023 Yinnar to Heyfield, Warm 30˚

What a great night’s sleep that was. With windows wide open we were able to watch the stars through the roof hatch above the bed, smell the grassy paddocks, and hear the crickets chirping. Well, I could hear the crickets, Woody had his hearing aids out.

We have an easy start and pick up a coffee at busy Café 3869 on the main street. They’re busy because they roast their own beans and make a damn good coffee. Leaving town, we pass the old Hazelwood Pondage which, when the Morwell coal-fired Power Station was here provided warm water skiing for enthusiasts. We pick up the M1 at Morwell, grab some bourbon at Dan Murphy’s in Traralgon because it is Woody’s ‘Bourbon Friday’ and turn inland through the hamlets of Toongabbie and Cowarr to Heyfield. Toongabbie has a fabulous old wooden grandstand and Cowarr is dotted with colourful metal cow sculptures. This is idyllic countryside to drive through. Contented cows chew the long grass and the ranges to the north provide a deep blue backdrop.

The Heyfield amenities are spotless, 3 toilets and a shower as well as a healthy book and DVD exchange. There’s even a dump point and coin in the slot power for our gadgets. Oh, and a tap for extra water.

Heyfield RV Park already has a few vans in residence and we get quite a surprise to find R & T already setup amongst them, they must have really put the foot down to get back from South Australia. Toothless gets an outdoor haircut in the shade of an old gum. His Missus is talented with the clippers. The PSB’s arrive and we laze about chatting nineteen to the dozen in the shade of a tree. Dinner is sensible. A BBQ chook and salad.

And this is as close as you’ll get to a pic of Toothless!

Accom: $5.00

Towing Kms: 69Kms

BBQ Chook = supermarket rotisserie chicken

Crikey we do a lot of lazing around and chasing the shade.

Heyfield, Gippsland, Victoria (Map Source: WikiCamps)

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