Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Night Noises & Skeletons

Day 4 Wednesday 22/03/2023 Broken Creek

Last night Pyjama Girl wandered off to bed early to nurse her cold and I wasn’t far behind. Woody woke in the night with cramps again and heaven forbid that anyone heard the moaning and shouting of “Rub it harder, no, harder!” coming from our van. It was one of those nights.

The morning is spent sitting around chatting and after lunch, while others go exploring, we pop into Benalla and discover a butcher with a wide variety of pies. We’ll have to return to check those out.

Another of Doc’s creations at Broken Creek. You don’t have to look far to find his handiwork.

At happy hour we circle the chairs under the trees as it’s a perfect afternoon. ‘S’ our budding watercolourist has put away her brushes and is looking bewildered. She tells us that she’s just had a call from her sister telling her that they may have a half-brother! Apparently, her father had an affair during her parent’s engagement and when the woman found that she was pregnant he gave her 100 pounds to solve the problem. It seems that ‘The Problem’ is now a senior citizen living down the west coast and would really like to meet his family. No matter how well they are hidden, skeletons always fall out of the cupboard, eventually.

Dinner is leftover lasagne.

Is that a spot on the sensor?
No, it’s just a spider enjoying the sunset.

Accom: $20.00

And by the way, for Peter of Peter’s Pondering, the young couple we interrogated last night met in a pyjama store.


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