Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Flash, flash & groan

Day 7 Saturday 25/03/2023 Broken Creek to Home

After a coffee in the sun in the camp kitchen we head for home, I’m feeling much better, and we have yet another funeral to go to on Monday.

On our way up here the Malfunction Indicator Light came on when we were driving on the flat. Which was unusual because it usually gives trouble on steep hills or undulating terrain. As soon as we unhitch it goes out. We’re not far south of Benalla when the tyre pressure indicator light comes on. We pull up and all tyres look fine. At the next servo Woody checks the pressure on all tyres but still, the light is on. We hit the freeway again and the Malfunction light starts flashing as we go down a hill. That’s down! And the engine goes into its over-revving and moaning routine. The dashboard is starting to look like a Christmas tree, and we have that sinking ‘are we going to make it home’ feeling again.

We take it in turns to nurse the old girl down the highway, sometimes over-revving and almost always moaning. We’re going to have to do something about this.

Towing Kms: 263Kms

Coffee in the morning sun


7 Days, 6 nights, Accom: $85.00, Fuel: $112.64, Total Kms: 840Kms


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