Yackety Yack, Day 5 – Puppy Training

Day 5 Saturday 13/5/2023 Lockhart to Coolamon, sunny 5 – 20

Because of the short distance we have planned today, we have a late start and don’t get away until 10:00. But before taking to the road we get a call from Elle, with great excitement she tells us that she’s bought a secondhand Windsor Daintree motor home with only 4000 kms on the clock. The stove is a virgin, and it comes with all the chattels. The only thing her motor home needs is a diesel heater. I’m sure we’ll be seeing her soon.

The drive along back roads is pleasant with little traffic. There are more birds than cars. The avenue into Coolamon is lined with claret ash and the town looks spick and span. We bag 3 double sized sites which had been earmarked by the council as ensuite sites, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve stayed here before and it is an outstanding little caravan park with lush green lawns, spotless modern amenities, and a cosy enclosed camp kitchen.

We have lunch in the sun and walk the town. I sit in the park in the centre strip of Cowabbie Street and sketch the old Commercial Bank.

Commercial Bank building, Coolamon

It’s warm enough to have happy hour outside while we rejig the trip plan. VeeWee multi tasks, training Buddy the pup with Crocodile Dundee style staring. No doubt she’ll be looking for water buffalos to give the evil eye to next.

Accom: $25.00

Towing Kms: 78kms

Coolamon, NSW (Map Source: WikiCamps)

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