Yackety Yack, Day 6 – Temora tomorrow?

Day 6 Sunday 14/5/2023 Coolamon, sunny 20

It was a mild night. A few trains went through but they weren’t loud.

It’s nice to have a lazy morning, do a few jobs and the washing.

After lunch we walk another part of town. Coolamon has a population of about 2200. We’re amused that the veranda of the police station is adorned with Christmas icicle lights and the letters C and T have disappeared from the Court House building.

.our. House
Crikey, we’ve got the place to ourselves! Coolamon Caravan Park

I love reading historical plaques and one on Cowabbie Street has a priceless quote from the Coolamon Farmer’s Review of March 15 1918 describing a fire that destroyed eleven businesses. It shows us how the language of journalism has changed, “…the roaring and devastating work of the hurricane of fire raged for a short time and like some vicious poisonous mouthed serpent it reared up…Coolamon’s only town hall (the Oddfellow’s) a large wooden structure, cracked as music to the leaping and mad gyrations of the lurid flames, which seemed to lick in their madness at the very stars…”

For most of the day, we’re the only ones in the park, which is rather amusing as when we’d booked there was such a fuss about having to squeeze us in.

The camp kitchen is fully enclosed so we cook dinner on the BBQ and dine in the warmth. Dinner is crumbed steak steamed verges, mash, and gravy. Once more we review our plans and delete poor old Temora as it is too close. Sixty kilometres is a bit of a short day.

Accom: $25.00

Fuel: $60.52


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