We’re a Little Tight in Bowen

A little tight
A little tight

At Bowen we check into the tightest park we’ve ever stayed in. There are only centimetres to spare between each awning and the next van. Even though we have a drive through site (that’ll be $3 extra thanks) it takes quite a bit of juggling to squeeze in.

Our neighbour pops in for a chat on our metre wide strip of grass and we are being bitten by midges. Tiny little black dots with a pin prick nip. “Oh” she says “they don’t really bite they just piss under your skin. Then in a few days all this liquid comes out when you scratch.” “And” says her husband “you’ll wake up at midnight scratching.” I can’t wait.

After sunset we walk around to the North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club and wander about the yachts. It is a balmy evening and we sleep with the windows open, come and get us you little buggers.

Next morning we have to wait for the other vans to pull out so that we can get enough swing room to leave.

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