10 Reasons to Try Caravanning in Retirement


  1. Outdoors. Fresh air, open skies and the chance to camp in the most amazing places, dare I say it again, beside stunning beaches and wild rivers.
  2. A simpler life. With little to do other than enjoy your surroundings. Housework is reduced to minutes and mowing the lawn is replaced with sweeping the mat. Shucks that’s hard, not.
  3. Relaxation. Throw in a line and catch a fish, get immersed in a good book, raise a toast to a desert sunset and watch in awe of nature’s star show at night.
  4. Food tastes better in the outdoors. It’s a fact, just like the way wine tastes better at the cellar door than when you get it home! Camping doesn’t mean a BBQ every night either. You’ve got a mini version of your home kitchen on board so if cooking is your thing you can turn your hand to as much or as little as you want.
  5. It’s healthier. You’ll find the kilos falling off as you eat lighter and walk more. There’s so much to explore, walking trails in parks and strolling the streets of country towns and just think of the Vitamin D that you’re absorbing.
  6. Meet new people. You are never stuck for conversation when you meet like minded people. “Where have you been? What’s it like? And where are you going?” Just for starters. Most caravanners love a chat and you’re going to make new friends, trust me.
  7. Peace and tranquillity. Find yourself your own great spot and just enjoy the solitude. Can’t find it? You’re not looking hard enough. There are over 20,000 camps listed on Wikicamps and they’re not all crowded.
  8. Sleep in your own bed every night. I don’t know about you but I have trouble sleeping in strange beds no matter how expensive the hotel or how extensive the pillow selection is.
  9. No luggage to drag around. Stow your stuff on board once and that’s it.
  10. No currency hassles. Unless you plan on hiring in New Zealand or purchasing an RV in the US.
  11. Everyone speaks the same language. Well pretty much, you’re going to meet a lot of overseas travellers who will want to tell you how lucky you are to live here.
  12. No boring flights. Only interesting ones over world class scenery canyons and lakes, deserts and waterfalls.
  13. Educational. Suddenly the things that you learnt in school will come to life and with that will come a better understanding of our people, our politics, our industries and why we trade with the nations that we do. Take every tour that is on offer sometimes what sounds mundane can be incredibly enlightening. You will gain a greater respect for our government no matter what faction, when you see firsthand what they provide for all Australians. Have you ever wondered why we drill very large holes in the ground? Hop on the bus Gus, you will see gold, silver, opals, coal and iron ore in abundance before your very eyes.
  14. Learn new skills. You will learn how to caravan, how to tow, how to capture solar power and how to get back to basics. It’s a fun way to broaden your mind.
  15. History and genealogy. Walk in the footsteps of your own ancestors. Visit museums and gain an understanding of the hardships our forebears were faced with and the distances that they covered, on foot!  
  16. Find old friends. Remember that bloke you got on really well with who worked in the Brisbane office? Well look him up and have a beer and a meal, he’s retired too you know.
  17. Time for hobbies. Crafts, music, art and collecting teaspoons, shells, antiques and old tools.
  18. You thought I said 10 Reasons, didn’t you? Ha the benefits of caravanning are endless…..

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