Lindsey Falls

We pack our bathers and drive 60kms north of Katherine to Edith Falls and what a pretty spot. We walk the kilometre up to the top where the climb gets a little bit difficult and we have a swim in the pool. It’s a real bucket list thing swimming in a waterfall fed pool in the Northern Territory. The walk down is much cooler in our wet togs. I am giving Woody a hard time about wearing sandals on a bush walk and as the track evens out I stop concentrating on my footing and WHACK I find myself on my bum and only about a hundred metres from the car park! A couple of charming young blokes give me a walking pole then Woody hoists me into the car. He dives into the Techni Ice fridge in the back and wraps two large chunks of ice around my foot. ‘You couldn’t do that with a Waeco’ he says as he tests the NT 130kmh speed limit back to town. At this point I realize that I’m still in wet bathers and I hear my mother’s words “always wear clean underwear as you never know when you may have to go to hospital”. Thus with foot encased in ice and swimming in pain I wriggle out of my cossie and into something more respectable. My heartfelt apologies go out to anyone heading north on the Stuart Highway who may believe that they were ‘flashed’ by a sixty something year old woman heading hurriedly south.

The soon to be renamed Edith Falls

The Katherine hospital is near our van park. The Emergency staff members are most apologetic for being flat out today. Boy I’ll bet the team at our suburban hospital would love to be that kind of busy. There are about twenty people, 50/50 either Aboriginal or very tanned white folk and a couple of Asian kids. Everyone is sitting quietly watching daytime TV and it all seems so surreal the TV presenters from down south are so sparkly white and from another world. The medical staff are a fantastic team and by the time we are due to be boarding our sunset dinner cruise on the Katherine Gorge I am plastered up to the knee and learning to use crutches. That dinner is going to have to wait. The staff are happy that my ankle is broken because it will heal quicker than a strain, oh that’s good news,… I think…

Crutches and Plaster
Best tan that I’ve ever had!

15 thoughts on “Lindsey Falls

  1. Hey Lindsey, Broken Ankle, that not good at all. Hope its ok, l did mine about 9 years ago it was the worst. It did take a long time to heal but its all good now. I just can’t do any high impact exercise, l didn’t do before any before l broke bones so all good. Hope your healing process is a speedy one. I do have a little tip for travelling, you may already have one if not invest in an ankle brace I find if I’m driving long distance it really helps.
    Apart from the broken ankle the waterfall swim sounded so lovely l think l need to write a bucket list myself:)
    Happy and SAFE travelling


      1. Hey, I will start my bucket list, now l know I’m not limited to 100 and l can keep adding. I was going to jump out of a plane for my 40th last year and chickened out!!! Some excuse about not wanted to jump without my dentures I think😂 maybe that should be the first thing I put on my list. Thanks for your great blog and continues support.
        Have a great day:)


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