Blackall Wool Scour

Blackall Wool Scour

A visit to the Blackall (Qld) Wool Scour which is Australia’s last steam driven wool scour proves to be both educational and entertaining. Fat fluffy sheep and goats roam the lawns in the sun. Our elderly guide is a most laconic, laid back woman with two Jack Russell terriers in tow she shuffles about spouting facts and figures with not a shred of emotion. “That’s the boiler there, of course it’s got ‘oles in it.” Part way through the tour her mobile phone rings, she returns from answering it. “People ring at unconvenient (sic) times, sometimes it’s important, sometimes it’s not, that was important. They would grade the wool and put it over there …” “That’s the office there, of course it wasn’t always there, it (the office) used to be where the kangaroo factory is.” Helping our guide is Bob who runs the steam engine. Bob is also a man of few words and little emotion. The wool scour is awfully interesting and when Bob fires up the engine, pulleys and belts are moving about all over the shed. The large tin shed still, after all these years, smells of wool and outside the empty sheep yards attest to what once went on here. We later realize that quiet old Bob was part of the lobby group that went to Canberra to obtain the funding for the town to restore the building and thus ensure a steady stream of tourists.

Blackall Wool Scour

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