Not One but Three!

We’re camped at Healesville, Vic with friends. It is the middle of winter and freezing. After breakfast we pile into two cars and set out for Warburton following the instructions of the GPS. We soon find ourselves crossing the shoulder of Mt Donna Buang on a dirt road in thick fog. Obviously it is not a popular road as we see only one other car. But to our joy three lyrebirds scurry across our path and the last one stops and shows us his tail feathers. I cannot contain myself as I have never seen a lyrebird in the wild and being elusive little fellas I probably won’t get the chance again.

Apart from dashing lyrebirds there are tall straight gums, tree ferns dripping with moisture and the occasional roadside waterfall.

So where’s the photo of the lyrebirds? I here you ask.

I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t grab the camera in time!

10 thoughts on “Not One but Three!

  1. Whenever you post I am quick to read. I have long dreamed of visiting Australia and I thoroughly enjoy seeing it vicariously through your posts. The parts of Australia I would be most interested in experiencing are the out of the way places, the very places you report on. Thank you!

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