Southern Highlands, NSW

Our friend Kay lives in the NSW Southern Highlands. The house is set in 105 acres of bushland garden and farmland and it overlooks a series of lakes. There are black cockatoos of the yellow tailed variety. Rosellas and king parrots squabbling in the garden and swans gliding on the dam. The evening is still but far from quiet as there is a cacophony of voices rising up from the dams, a gaggle of croaks and squawks. As we traipse out of the cosy farm house towards our vans Kay asks us to shake out our shoes. They have deadly funnel web spiders!


2 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. I always bang my outdoor shoes on the ground before putting them on but I do wonder if it would actually dislodge a comfortable spider. Don’t like the idea of Funnel Webs!

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