All Stoved In

In Boort, Vic there are old gnarly peppercorn trees in the Main Street and bracts of pink peppercorns are crushed on the pavement. The air smells of pepper. We are on our way to a club muster in Balranald NSW but the first night is at a farmstay.
Simply Tomatoes and Aussie Wool Quilts is 15kms north of town, down 5 kms of good dirt road. Owner Ian directs us to a park near the dam which is home to a flock of geese. When lighting the gas for the fridge we discover that our stove isn’t working. Gas is getting through to both the fridge and the hot water service but not the stove. We roll about on the floor squeezing our fingers into cupboards trying to find the source of the problem. Eventually we ring the manufacturer Swift Group and they suggest that we return to the city to Campbellfield for a new solenoid.

We heat our dinner on our mates’ stove as it is too cold and windy to cook on our BBQ.

Our bed is as warm as toast but we are woken hourly by honking geese. Now that’s a first.
Next morning we sneak out at 5:30am after a rushed shower. We feel awful not having purchased any of Ian and Marilyn’s wares or even getting the chance to taste the green tomato pickles. We drive slowly to Boort on high ‘roo alert then grab a kip outside the BP servo while we wait to fill up with fuel. The sun is rising bright orange across the paddocks as we set off to the city.
We wait while Phil and the guys at Swift replace our stove with a brand new model free of charge to comply with current gas laws. Two and a half hours later we’re back on the road. Thanks Swift for great after sales service.

Here comes the new stove

4 thoughts on “All Stoved In

  1. Glad to hear you received good service on your stove. We now live in an apartment and we have to use electric cooking, my wife hates it, so do I. We always cooked with gas. In this crazy world the safety and health organizations OSHA feels people are too stupid to use gas for cooking, you can hardly find a gas stove anymore, you’ll never find one with a pilot light. This is progress??? In our old camper. I recall the the refrigerator was hard to light. But it was an excellent refrigerator/icebox.

    Blessings, happy trails to you.


    1. Oh thanks for the insight into the future. Gas is the most popular in Melbourne as it is obtained cheaply offshore and of course is so much easier to control when cooking. If the health and safety folks have their way it will ruin the love of cooking that we so much enjoy. Our van fridge is an American Thetford and it performs well considering the multitude of climates that we out it through. Though I must mention that it did become a incontinent when we were travelling through the hot and steamy Gulf country a few years ago.


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