Home Hill RV Comfort Stop

The people of Home Hill in Queensland allow RV’s to park for free for 48 hours on the street parallel to the highway and right in the heart of town. Is it any wonder that this town can still support three pubs, there are 67 RV’s in for the night when we visit. On the Main Street there are two supermarkets and on our street a laundromat, the Information Centre and the new amenities block which provides toilets, hot showers, a camp kitchen and tables and chairs. 

As we’re camped directly behind Jaycar electronics, Woody decides to buy a new aerial for the UHF radio as ours just doesn’t work as well as it should. The new one is twice as high and really whippy.

We also happen to be beside the railway line so during the day we are entertained with Queensland Freight passing our door.

As we leave the van for dinner at the Malpass Hotel (is that French for bad move?) the sky is red with fire and smoke, the sugar cane burning is on again.

A peaceful place to stop with all amenities just outside your door. Thanks Home Hill.

Home Hill a great place to stop
with free entertainment for train buffs
Nice clean amenities, Home Hill


9 thoughts on “Home Hill RV Comfort Stop

  1. Good to see you’re still on the road. I had a back injury three months ago and been told it’ll be another three months before I’m pain free again. Enjoy it guys. Lucky you šŸ˜Š


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