Surat, Qld

There is a freedom camp at the Fisherman’s Park at Surat on the Balonne River where a gold coin donation for your stay buys the local fishing club fingerlings (baby fish) for future release into the waterway. There are a lot of vans when we visit and quite a few look settled in for a long stay, I’d say that it is a popular spot with the fishermen.

It is only a short walk into town and we immersed ourselves in the history of Cobb & Co. After being founded during the Victorian gold rush and 70 years of operation throughout Victoria, NSW and Qld, Cobb & Co coaches made their final run from Surat to Yuleba in 1924. And unless you’re a caravanner I’ll bet you hadn’t heard of either of those towns before! I really wanted to learn more about coaching because Woody’s great great grandfather ran a coaching business in South Australia in the 1840’s.

Cobb & Co used to run their teams 25kms before changing the horses for fresh ones at a staging station. Hence the name Stage Coach. These staging or changing stations were usually homesteads. A team was generally made up of 5 to 7 horses. When trucks came into use one truck replaced 50 fifty horses and no doubt ruined a good little side income for the homesteads that had been providing not only stabling and grooming but meals, accommodation and comfort for dusty bone shaken passengers.

Surat, Qld. Google Maps
Balonne River, Surat
Fisherman’s Camp, Surat
Cobb & Co Museum, Surat

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