Power’s Lookout

Harry Power was a bushranger and mentor to the legendary Ned Kelly. Transported to Australia in 1840 as a convict, Harry was to run foul of the law on many occasions before adopting the life of a bushranger. In contrast to his colourful life, he drowned at the age of 72 in the Murray River whilst fishing.

Power’s hideout was located 300 metres above the King River in what is now the Alpine National Park. The lookout can be reached from the Mansfield Whitfield Road just south of the King Valley town of Whitfield in Victoria.

For more information on the life of Harry Power visit:




10 thoughts on “Power’s Lookout

      1. We’ll be at home in Melbourne and having what I would imagine is a very different Christmas to yours as it will be 35C. I know that we’ll all be gasping but saying “now this is a real Xmas”.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for following. I’m lactose, fructose & gluten intolerant but I love reading your recipes.

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      2. We’ll be lucky if we make the 5C! Actually hb has just looked it up and apparently it will be unseasonably mild on the actual day: 13C so we’ll no doubt be donning our shorts and sunnies 😂😎

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