Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Having been keen trailer yacht sailors in our younger (read fitter) days, we always follow the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Most people query the meaning of Boxing Day, well it may be a strange name for a holiday but in Australia if you are at home it means sprawl on the couch eating Christmas leftovers and watching the start of The Race. The Sydney to Hobart. We have been lucky enough to watch the finish in Hobart on several occasions. Once on a ferry that followed the boats up the river to the finish, I doubt that they would be allowed to do that these days, we could see the sweat on their brows.

Sydney to Hobart 2011

These are the first three across the line on the morning after the finish. Constitution Dock and the city was eerily quiet and the air filled with the smell of salt not cheers.

Sydney to Hobart 2011 Line Honours finalists 1. Loyal, 2. Wild Oats XI, 3. Lahana


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