The Essence of Summer

Port Phillip Bay is large with a very narrow entrance called ‘The Rip’. It is the largest bay in the Southern Hemisphere. The City of Melbourne is situated on the Yarra River which feeds into the northern end of the bay The Rip is approximately 58 kms south.  At its widest point the bay is 41 kms across.  That is only 8 kms more than the width of the English Channel.Over time the suburbs of Melbourne have slowly expanded and joined those of the Bayside cities of Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula and Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula. Thus we now have a large population living on or near the sea.

Even in these days of inexpensive international travel Melbourne families still look to the bay for relaxation, for a paddle in the shallow sand bar protected waters or to drop a line in off a pier. Fish and chips on the cliffs overlooking Mornington’s Mother’s Beach on a warm evening at sunset takes an awful lot of beating.

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Port Phillip Bay, Source: Google Maps




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