Railway Hotel, Castlemaine

In darkness and driving rain we find the single storey Railway Hotel 1875 in Gingell Street on the ‘other side of the tracks’ in Castlemaine. The bar is welcoming but our fellas have found a cosy corner in the dimly lit dining room near the fire. Low timber ceilings enhance the ambience. The menu is inspired yet still includes the ‘usual suspects’, fish and chips and of course parma. This is just the kind of pub that you dream of finding on a cold Victorian winter’s night.

Railway Hotel, Castlemaine


7 thoughts on “Railway Hotel, Castlemaine

    1. Yes so much of our development came with the discovery of gold in the 19th Century and I’ve been fascinated with how widespread the gold was and possibly still is. Sydney although the first to develop doesn’t have a Georgian feel to me except in the well preserved old Rocks area where most buildings remain and convict markings can be seen in the flagstones. Tasmania however is distinctly Georgian right down to the stone bridges and Hawthorne hedges.
      I think the old Parma deserves a post. It derives from the Italian Veal Parmigiana. Pubs once always guaranteed a steak and chips now it’s Parma and of course chips. It seems to have developed over the past 20 or so years. The Parma is now a flattened and crumbed chicken breast topped with a tomato sauce and melted cheese. There’s always a salad and chips on the side. There is much competition for the pub with the best Parma. Thanks for your question Margaret.

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      1. What a fascinating reply! Thank you: I’ve got most of my Australian history via the novels of Kate Grenville. Clearly this is not enough. And yes – please do a post on parma!


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