A trip is imminent. The heart is starting to beat faster. No you fool, that’s age, time for your medication. OK, we bring up the checklist spreadsheet and check it against the food in the van pantry cupboards, yep we’ve got enough rice noodles to feed China but we’re out of tomato sauce, that’s right I borrowed it for the house a few weeks ago, damn. Beds made, most of the clothes are on. The All Blacks beanies and warm gloves for winter, sunscreen and broad brimmed hats for summer are all packed. Now it’s Woody’s turn to fill the water tanks and check the contents of the cellar (that’s the posh name for the cupboard under the lounge).



13 thoughts on “Stocktaking

  1. Aarggh I’m so jealous! Nothing like packing for a trip, is there? I travelled all over Europe with my showjumpers until a few years ago, and the excitement of setting off is priceless. Of course my checklists were full of stuff for the horses too 😊

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