Lamb Leg a la Camp Kitchen

Elle & El bought a nice leg of lamb from the local butcher in Valla Beach and as we have a well equipped camp kitchen at this park they pop it in one of the large ovens. Part way through our Happy Hour drinks the gas goes out. The other oven is being used by another bunch of happy campers who sense our plight and give us a bit of cheek while our fellas are on their knees huffing, puffing and waving the gas lighter. Eventually Elle sees sense and tosses the lamb into an electric frypan and the veggies into a stove top casserole pot. Vee, who isn’t feeling all that flash decides that she can’t last the distance and crawls off to bed.

The roast? It turns out to be delicious, which goes to prove that gas or no gas there’s nothing like a long slow cook.

The roast – worth waiting for!

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