Packing for the road

During a trip countdown – I find that I have lists everywhere. An ongoing spreadsheet on the computer and handwritten lists around the house. Ticking off washing, ironing, shopping, loading the van, cleaning the house.

If the trip entails a few days of long drives at the outset to get us to warmer weather then I may cook a larger meal and freeze half for the van so that we’ve got a warming bowl of soup, spaghetti or curry after a long drive. I’ve also found that freezing half a cake (sliced) will stop us from pigging out when it is fresh baked and give us the bonus of something home baked while we’re away.

The only trouble is that we often forget what the frozen mass is and unless we can see bits of pasta in it or rice, we have no idea what’s for dinner. Now you may say why not label the meals and make things easier but that would take the fun out of mealtime.

What’s for dinner?

12 thoughts on “Packing for the road

  1. Now that really does make it, “Pot Luck”. I think our friends could have used one of your lists, they’ve headed bush but forgot their jumper leads and sat phone. Maybe other things they have yet to discover.

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  2. I label everything that goes in the freezer, especially since I once mistook a green juice for green soup! My hb never labels and the oter day ended up having curry with pasta when he thought it was pasta sauce, he’d even grated the cheese! Of course I had to laugh 😂

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  3. Yes it is fun to see what defrosts and if it is what you thought it was. That looks like a lovely campground in the photo – where was it? Always like to know where to stop on our trips.


    1. That spot is quite possibly our favourite. We try to get there at least every summer. It’s called Skipworth Reserve just out of Jamieson in the Vic high country. It’s probably draped in snow at present. There’s a great little pub a few kms up the road. Jamieson is a hidden delight and the road up to Woods Point is wondrous. The chaps who look after the camps in this valley are passionate about their work and each of the camps is a testament to their hard work.


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