How Long is Too Long to Be Away?

Some grey nomads choose to sell the house and hit the road for as long as their old bodies will hold out. Others like ourselves choose to have a little bolt hole somewhere to call home and return to from time to time. Somewhere with no lawns to mow and small easily maintained gardens. For those like us in the southern states the summer time is certainly the best time to be enjoyed close to home.

When we’re I find that by the three month mark home starts to call. My brain begins to suffer from sightseeing overload. Please! No more stunning sunsets, expansive views, deserted beaches with perfect surf and posing kangaroos. Give me my ‘big’ bed, a dose of the boring and mundane…oh and a large steaming bowl of whatever multicultural Melbourne can dish up!

Cape Hillsborough, Qld

9 thoughts on “How Long is Too Long to Be Away?

      1. OMG, well let me tell you, our friends were similar. We were supposed to go with them, thank God we didn’t. They scooted up to the Top End, doing the Red Centre in about 3 days, then down the west coast and then from Perth they did the Nullabor back to Melbourne in four days. Total ten weeks away. They were supposed to be gone three months but just rushed everything. Then they got news and had to get home for a funeral so they hot footed it from Perth. He did ALL the driving. The last few days he was driving 10 hour days. Now apparently he’s having anxiety and panic attacks. No fun hey?


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