Prepare to be Changed

If you’ve never experienced a long caravan trip, be prepared to be changed. You will never again be the same. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one adventure you will suffer mild post trip depression on returning home. A feeling that see saws between enjoyment of being back home and longing for the stimulation and simplicity of life on the road. If you are an urban person you will be shocked to see the extravagance and pretention of city life through your ‘new’ eyes. Not to mention the traffic; where the hell have they all come from? Where are they going? And for God’s sake, why are they in such an awful hurry?

Yes, coming home takes some adjustment.

Gateway Bridge, Brisbane, Qld

7 thoughts on “Prepare to be Changed

  1. We’ve just arrived home after 4 mths away. Yes, good to be home, and you are absolutely correct when you also say, “depressing to be home”. Especially when I look at 4 mths worth of weeds that have grown with wild abandon throughout the wet winter.


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