Bangalow Markets

We decide to take our mates up to Bangalow in the hills behind Byron Bay, NSW and we stumble upon the Bangalow Market. Hundreds of cars are parked on the old Showgrounds and a few penned cows look on in wonder. There are blokes in skirts, dreadlocks in abundance and a stall holder breastfeeding her baby. There’s a fellow who is coaxing the most exquisite music out of a beat up old upright piano. A young couple sweat over two large pans of paella and a woman parades homemade knickers in front of an undie stall. There are spaced out hippies tripping to their own music (we are reminded that Bangalow lying between Byron and Nimbin is the centre of the ‘counter culture’). There are chicken and ginger dumplings and Lebanese Lil’s scrumptiously crunchy spring rolls. There are things that are knotted and things that are carved, thrown, painted, woven, stitched, steamed, fried or grilled. Elle buys a fabulous hat, the boys are seduced by Lebanese Lil’s delights and I buy a hand painted tea towel and delicious freshly made halva. This is what a good market should be.

Bangalow Markets are held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

5 thoughts on “Bangalow Markets

    1. Heavens, I just got it! Bangalow as in the Bangalow Palm I would guess. As for the house style, well being sub tropical they are leaning to the Queensland style of large wooden two storey homes with wide overhanging verandas (whatever happened to the H in that word?). Built high so that cooling breezes could flow underneath and the occasional flood waters, snakes etc. One day I’ll do a post on them I just adore this style of architecture, it just works so well.

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