A Foggy Morning

How cold is it? Maybe 1 or 2 degrees. The bush is still wrapped in a foggy shroud. Mist hangs on paddocks. Mirror reflections on dams. Cobwebs drape bushes like he finest of crocheted doilies. Miners tracks weave through the forest with the promise of gold yet to be found.

As the sun begins to burn off the mist the trunks are lit with gold, galahs shriek and small birds sing. Another day dawns in the goldfields.


15 thoughts on “A Foggy Morning

  1. Through the misty mountains, past the stately trees, in search of hidden dreams and those who would appease. Ever searching for the answer of life’s daily needs, not realizing all you really need, comes from seeds. (soapbox creaks as I step off)


    1. Thanks Anne, it’s the area around Bendigo. Dry, strewn with quartz and straggly bush land but it just grabs me. I think if I didn’t live on the Mornington Peninsula then my choice would be around Bendigo…but then perhaps it’s in my blood as my Great Grandparents met just a few kms from where these photos were taken. Back in 1861.


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