Tragedy Averted

I’m in the campground toilet and I hear a moan, an awful moan. What do I do? She must have fallen in the shower. With my jeans around my knees I’m helpless. My mind is racing. When I finish I’ll check on her then call for help. Bones are bound to be broken so we’ll need an ambulance, the office isn’t that far away. Then I hear it. That telltale plop. Just another difficult poo.



17 thoughts on “Tragedy Averted

  1. My dog thinks I’m crazy for laughing so hard! I’ve heard comments like…”Oh my god” and other such phrases in truck stop stalls.


    1. Me too, so many public toilet stories…but I think the best was one of your country women shouting “Squat Toilet!” at the top of her voice in a spotlessly clean and modern Chinese highway stop near Beijing. What on earth was she expecting?


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