Mendooran Primitive Camp

Winter 2017

Heading south we drive through Gilgandra, NSW and stop to let the dogs water the trees at Mendooran Primitive Camp. This is one of our mates favourite spots and it is a large level grassy area on the Castlereagh River. There are basic toilets and a picnic rotunda. Cockies wheel overhead, frogs croak and big old river red gums complete the scene. It’s an easy walk to McKechnie’s Royal Hotel in town where schnitzels are 2 for 1 on Saturday nights or so the sign says. Damn what a shame it’s too cold to stay. Time we invested in a diesel heater.




2 thoughts on “Mendooran Primitive Camp

  1. I can vouch for diesel heating in the caravan. We don’t get to use ours often, as more often than not we’re heading to warmer places. But when we do need, it provides a comfortable warmth.


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