Broken Creek Bush Camp Revisited

Several months ago we dropped in to see for ourselves what everyone was talking about and we were very impressed. We vowed to return and stay at Broken Creek and a couple of weeks ago we did just that with a bunch of mates from our caravan club.

Broken Creek Bush Camp is run by Doc & Cath and Camp Boss, Maggie the Jack Russell. The property is set on 40 acres of what was once a sand quarry on a bend of an old course of the Broken Creek. Doc and Cath are experienced caravanners and they are turning the quarry into a wetland for wildlife and providing a safe haven for caravanners who want to explore the Benalla region without having to worry about leaving their van. There are dozens of level sites located around the wetland. Sheep graze contentedly in the paddock beside us. Crows caw, green parrots and currawongs play in the grass and cockies squawk loudly in the trees. Maggie cruises the camp for snacks and Doc tells us that she was bitten by a brown snake recently and brought back from the brink with antivenin and a $900 vet bill. Worth every cent I’d say as she is a great little dog. The new Camp Kitchen is now in operation. There is a large stone fireplace at the western end, comfortable couches and kitchen facilities including a BBQ. Every evening Doc lights the fire that warms the water for the hot showers and Woody assures me that they are still hot each morning.

Broken Creek Bush Camp is a short drive from Benalla and for a small fee it is the perfect place to catch your breath on that haul between Melbourne and Sydney or just to kick back at any time and enjoy the country air.

Broken Creek Bush Camp
Broken Creek Bush Camp – New Camp Kitchen
Broken Creek Bush Camp – plenty of seating and an open fire
Broken Creek Bush Camp – Circle the wagons – our mob is here
Broken Creek Bush Camp
Broken Creek Bush Camp – Plenty of firewood
Broken Creek Bush Camp
Broken Creek Bush Camp – a haven for wildlife

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