The Australian Magpie not just a pretty face

Nov 2017 Police Paddocks, Rutherglen

They say that magpies have incredible memories and can remember a person who treated them badly twenty years ago. They are territorial creatures and they certainly do know and respond to the humans who live around them. Over the years I’ve found that our neighbourhood magpies have appreciated a cheery “Hello Maggie” and a bit of a chat, always responding with a melodious warble. But this morning their intelligence went up a notch in my estimation.

When camping, insects often wander across my Kindle causing the page to turn which is a damned nuisance especially reading in bed at night when they’re all fighting for the glow of my little book light. But back to this morning’s revelation. Leaving my Kindle on the chair side table I ducked inside to make toast (with cumquat marmalade). Upon my return I found that resident Maggie had danced across the Kindle screen, obviously had a bit of a read, looked up the meaning of a word and left a few muddy footprints. I guess I should be thankful that he didn’t leave a deposit.

One can’t even read a book in peace without the wildlife getting in on the act.

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