Life Saving Drones

I’m constantly surprised at things we see and do and just stumble upon when ‘on the road’.

Ballina, NSW Winter 2017

I go for a beach walk and chance upon two guys testing ‘drone flight shark spotting’. There have been too many shark attacks on Ballina beaches and the council is committed to finding the best method possible to prevent future deaths. They have already installed shark nets which must be removed during the whale migration season but these get damaged by heavy seas.

This week

We see on TV that a drone was used to drop life saving equipment to a swimmer in difficulty. Now that sounds like a great idea too.

Testing shark spotting drone at Ballina


13 thoughts on “Life Saving Drones

  1. We are seeing drones used by more and more police departments around here. They are used to track down missing people, surveil controlled and uncontrolled burns. I can see using drones to track down lost hikers. It is truly amazing technology.


  2. Yes, the drone dropping the safety equipment hit the news on this side of the country too. A great step forward. And those shark attacks are on the increase over here too. I’m a lot more reluctant to venture into the depths like I used to.


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