Welcome back to the city

March 2018

Suffering another dose of ‘new town excitement’ we head into Adelaide CBD for a look around, a haircut and lunch. The city is busy and in search of parking we find ourselves in the hip East End. We have an entertaining lunch at East End Cellars. It is a perfect place for lunch with great decor, wine by the glass and tasting plates. The entertainment is freely provided by the passing parade of hip young folk in ill-fitting clothes which leave us guessing as to their gender. I’m still wondering why a woman would buy a pair of sandals that are so small that her heels overhang the soles. Her partner has us even more baffled as he is wearing a pair of tiny satin boxer shorts. I almost choke on lunch when Woody wonders loudly ‘if the mouse has popped out of the house’ yet. Perhaps we’ve just been in the bush for far too long but Woody reckons that they’re all a bunch of Hooray Henry’s anyway.

Glass Sculpture, Adelaide Botanic Gardens

5 thoughts on “Welcome back to the city

  1. The people are getting bigger, and the clothes are getting smaller. What gets me is Male TV presenters wearing suits that look like they’re two sizes to small. Guess I’m getting old!


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