The Lighthouses of Robe

Robe’s most famous lighthouse isn’t a lighthouse at all it’s an Obelisk. Built in 1855 with handsome stripes to aid vision it can be seen from 20 kms away. I doubt that it will remain on the cliff forever as the jagged crumbling limestone upon which it rests is rapidly disappearing and the last time that we visited one could walk all around it. In the distance the new modern true lighthouse stands tall. Nearby there are the remains of an old goal and the tiny safe harbour for the fishing fleet of this historic South Australian town.

Obelisk Robe, SA
Robe Lighthouse, SA

6 thoughts on “The Lighthouses of Robe

  1. That would be such a shame to lose a unique lighthouse like that. In the UK there is a charity called the Landmark Trust who rescue buildings which are of interest and refurbish them as holiday properties so that they are used! They actually upped and moved the Clavell Tower that was falling into the sea!
    If you ever want to stay in an interesting and historic property in the UK, visit the Landmark Trust website! (They do have a lighthouse on their books!)


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