A homonym of a race meeting

June 2018

If Gabbi Garmin acts up today we can tell her to get lost as it’s one long straight road, the Kennedy Developmental Road, from Winton to Hughenden. 214kms of yellow Mitchell grass plains, black soil, cattle and sheep. There is little traffic and there are a few mesas around Winton. Because we’re in the Dinosaur Triangle one wonders how many dinosaurs are buried in the black soil of these flat paddocks.

Close to half way we pass through only one town. If you can call it a town. There’s a pub and a cattle yard. And a racecourse somewhere. The town is called Corfield and they host …wait for it…the Corfield Cup.

(For International readers, every October Melbourne hosts its second largest horse race The Caulfield Cup.)

Cattle yard at Corfield, Qld
Kennedy Developmental Road north to Hughenden


4 thoughts on “A homonym of a race meeting

  1. I didn’t realize the development roads were that good, guess it depends on the time of year, amount of traffic etc. Love the idea of the Corfield Cup. 🙂


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