Moveable Scenery

I once told someone that the best thing about caravanning is opening your door to a new view each morning. But it’s not only the view that is different. The air smells different, grass hay, the saltiness of the ocean or even cow manure. The atmosphere feels different, warmer, cooler or humid. It’s the sound of the birds (as I write this a caccophany of Currawong song is echoing above), the animals wandering  by. Even the angle of the sun warming my bum as I do the dishes. Every day is different.

20180727-DSC_0136 - Copy
Lowmead, Qld – The smell of grass, cows and changing weather

13 thoughts on “Moveable Scenery

  1. It’s always wonderful to wake up each morning to a different view and a new day. Be great if you had a collection of photos taken at the same time every morning out of the same door.

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  2. And so it is that we learn to cheat time!

    During our latest trip, the last few weeks that we have been away feel like months. When we were working, the routine of the every day meant that weeks and months just blended into each other.

    I love your post. The warming of your bum has warmed my heart!

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      1. No more bland indeed! We have just entered Romania the day after riots were reported across the country. (We already had the scare stories about terrible roads, wild dogs, wolves, bears, scammers, pickpockets – and vampires, of course!)
        We have seen one pothole, but the only wild dog is a cute little puppy in the caravan next door. It is never bland, even when you’re in Transylvania and all is quiet on the Romanian front!
        I love your blogs and I am so pleased that you share your wonderful, quirky experiences!


      2. Hmmm vampires I think I’ll stick with blood sucking leeches. And riots…that’s when Aldi has camping gear on sale and the Grey Nomads need new chairs. Safe travels and keep an eye out for those bloody vampires.

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