Options aplenty at Maryborough

Aug 2018, Maryborough, Qld

While we stay at Maryborough Showgrounds our mates R & T are comfortably setup at Maryborough Airport awaiting a caravan site at Hervey Bay. The Airport is a nice alternative for fully self-contained RV’s as it provides toilets and has sites that are level, grassy and spacious.

As it’s Sunday night and we’re pretty hungry we pile into the Jeep and drive down the road to the Maryborough Sports Club to join everyone in the district who’s in need of a cheap feed.

In a building that looks to have had some kind of industrial past we sign in for temporary membership beside a box of pumpkins. Although we could have bought a years’ membership for only $1, bugger. One look inside and we’re grateful that T booked a table. The Sunday Specials are on and we can have Barra, Salad & Chips for $5 or lash out at $8 for veggies. One wonders why veggies are dearer. The meals are enormous, too big to finish and come with the Queensland standard, chips and gravy. An elderly lady beside us has brought her own plastic container for the leftovers, smart move she’ll be eating till next Sunday. As the queue to order snakes past our table we girls can’t help but people watch but give up trying to figure out the dress code. It seems to range from ‘evening dress’ to ‘evening in front of the Tele’. Full as googs we stumble to the car, damn we should have bought a pumpkin.

Plenty of room to spread your wings
Nice and grassy and a short drive into the city centre

5 thoughts on “Options aplenty at Maryborough

  1. Wow that’s cheap. I’ve heard lots of good things about Maryborough. We didn’t stay there, instead going straight into Hervey Bay. We had high expectations of Hervey Bay, but I gotta say, it turned out to be a lot below what we expected. In our two trips around the country it was the only place that was way below what we expected. We’ll have to give both Hervey Bay, and Maryborough another try next time round.


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