Is anyone home?

After reading an American blog about how often beautiful locations are marred by wall to wall RV’s I realise that we here in Australia often forget how lucky we are being able to park close to beaches or rivers or just out in the countryside. If we choose to be on our own we can be and there are thousands of camp sites where we can find peace and solitude. When we first hired a motor home in New Zealand to sample the lifestyle we were amazed to be camped on a river bank on the very first night. Of course, we thought that it was marvelous but that we’d never be so lucky in Australia. Oh, how wrong we were! Sometimes I worry that there are not enough people in the photos that I post on this blog! It looks as though the whole country is empty!

Four of us, a heap of oysters and the Southern Ocean – Locks Well, SA


11 thoughts on “Is anyone home?

  1. Yes we are lucky here in Aus but having travelled in a motorhome in the central & west in USA we found just as many if not more free camping spots there. Didn’t use any apps just winged it.


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