Fishing at Port Campbell

Nov 2018, Port Campbell, Shipwreck Coast, Vic

We wake at 6:30am and my phone tells me that I’ve already walked 1.8kms, hell the bathroom is only 3 metres away! The sun is shining so I decide to leave the warmth of bed and go for a walk along Campbell Creek which is right behind our van. Our neighbours are already up and sitting on the bank having a coffee and drinking in the view.

Down at the wharf craypots are being unloaded. The harbour is a rugged high cliffed rectangle, heaving ocean at one end and a sandy beach at the other. The wharf juts out midway and somehow manages to survive the constant battering waves. A fisherman brings his cray boat down on a trailer then with the ease of experience attaches a crane and lowers the boat partway down the side of the wharf. He leaves it hanging there while he parks the ute up on the headland. I can’t help but wonder how these guys would explain a mishap to the insurers. He returns, loads the craypots, lowers the boat to the sea and his day begins. Is it any wonder that crayfish are expensive.

Lifting the boat with a crane
Hanging halfway while the pots are loaded

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