A Daylesford Conundrum

Daylesford has to be one of my favourite Victorian towns. We used to spend summer holidays there when I was a kid and still, we visit whenever we get the chance. The old gold mining town that just happened to have mineral springs has now become a trendy weekend escape for city folk in need of a little pampering and the best of food.

One thing that hasn’t changed in Daylesford is the intriguing iron fountain in the centre of town. It has a base of horses’ hooves and I wonder if it was ever used as a horse trough? If anyone out there has the answer I’d love to know.

Lake Daylesford, a winters’ morning
Horse Hoof Fountain, Daylesford, Vic

9 thoughts on “A Daylesford Conundrum

  1. Great photos! I love Daylesford too. Here’s some Parker Memorial Fountain info: “The drinking fountain/horse trough currently located at Vincent Street and Central Springs Road near the old post office is a replica of a 19th century structure originally erected at Burke Square at the intersection of Vincent and Albert Streets. Made in UK, the original afforded drinking accommodation for a large number of horses and drivers, and effectively lit a wide space, with the least possible obstruction to traffic.” Website https://memorialdrinkingfountains.wordpress.com/tag/daylesford/


    1. Thank you for that info. It would make more sense for it to be originally at the other end of town as that intersection is so much wider. One can picture horses and carts turning and watering up there. And there would have been several pubs on that square too I think only two remain now.

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