Juddy’s Hut

Juddy’s Hut is a miner’s cottage in Jamieson, Vic. Like so many of that era (1933) it was built from salvaged materials, note the heavy use of corrugated iron even in the chimney. And the name? Well Jack ‘Juddy’ Hampton lived in the hut for 30 years.  There is more to the story of Juddy though as he fought in World War One. He was accidentally bayonetted in the stomach by a Frenchman while fighting at Paschendaele.

After his home was flooded in the 1950’s for the new Lake Eildon, Juddy moved into this hut and resided here until the 1980’s. He lived to reach the age of 95, not bad for someone roughly stitched up on the battlefield. Source: Jamieson Heritage Walk.

Juddy’s Hut, Jamieson, Vic

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