The Royal Standard

Mar, 2019, Toora, Vic

The tiny milk factory town of Toora (If you’re old enough you may remember Tooralac powdered milk) seems to be battling for survival but it’s grand old pub, The Royal Standard Hotel, is certainly punching above its weight.

A herd of us dropped in for a Friday night dinner and we weren’t disappointed by the menu. The seafood platter for one is big enough for two. The fish is locally caught and the meat supplied by nearby Foster butcher Prom Meats (whose sausages I’m sure I’ve written about in the past). Yes, good sausages do deserve a blog post. Anyway, back to the pub…the staff are friendly, the lads from the footy club sold us a winning ticket in the raffle and the tucker is pretty good. Hang in there Toora you’ve got a great little town.

The Royal Standard Hotel, Toora, Vic

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